The absent-minder beggar (Хлопчина незухвалий)

The absent-minder beggar (Хлопчина незухвалий)
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“The Absent-minded Beggar” is a famous poem that was written by Rudyard Kipling to raise funds for comforts for the troops in South Africa during the second South African War of 1899-1902. It was published as a leaflet for charity and had an immediate and lasting success raising between £250,000 and £300,000 (perhaps around £14 to £17 million in today's money). It was perhaps the most practically effective poem in English, and one of the largest such fundraising campaigns of the Nineteenth Century.

In 2014 Ukraine is facing the biggest challenge since her Independence was proclaimed in 1991. After dozens of murders committed by Riot Police during peaceful demonstrations in winter, comes the slaughter of hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers in the eastern part of the country, by terrorists trained and armed by neighboring Russia.

The hard times in Ukraine promote nation-wide volunteering to provide National Army Forces with ammunition and other essentials. As Kipling’s works are very popular in Ukraine, we warmed to the idea to raise money using a poem as Kipling did in his time.

In July 2014, Ternopil Publishing House “Bohdan” published the Ukrainian version of “The Absent-minded Beggar” translated by Volodymyr Chernyshenko. It was also set to music by the popular singer and the leader of Ukrainian rock-band “Sun Shadow” Serhiy Vasyliuk, in a somewhat different key than the famous Arthur Sullivan production of 1899.

The publisher sends all proceeds from the sale of this “Book of one poem” to a family of Ukrainian soldier who died for his Motherland. As it is so cheap, the whole amount will go to the widow and family of one particular soldier. Ihor Borys from Drohobych “left behind” a wife, a teenage son and a year-old daughter.

E-books are good opportunity to share the project worldwide and “pass the hat for the credit’s sake”, making alive the old poem of Rudyard Kipling. Buying the copy of this book you send all money to “help the home that Tommy’s left behind him”.